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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS344 Exam Review US Latin American RelationsPotential Questions The Reagan doctrine what was its essence How was it implemented in Latin AmericaAssess US Latin American relations within the context of the early cold warAssess US Latin American relations either within the context of the early cold war or within the context of the second cold war Themes Hemispheric solidaritycollective securitytension Latin America and theColossus of the North USAThe importance of regional security arrangements coexisting with global collective security arrangements Article 51 of the UN charter USA crusade against communism aid to latin America wasnt simply a means by which to gain allies against communism but also to ensure that latin American governments would not pursue policies or embrace ideologies hostile to Latin American interestsoSecurity assistance oEconomic aidmilitary aid US unilateral interventionismthe preservation of Western ie American interests The geographic importance of Latin America in the western hemisphere a way for the soviets to challenge the USA in its own backyard Right wing dictatorships that retain close ties with WashingtonThe reversal of Roosevelts Good Neighbour Policy Prevention of Cuban style revolutions in Latin AmericaUS involvement in latin America proves that they were as adamant on protecting their ideological interests in the western hemisphere and they were their economic interests Administrations Roosevelt Good Neighbor Policy Truman Containment economic and security cooperationEishenhower the revival of US interventionism GuatemalaKennedy Alliance for Progress economic development and democratization CubaJohnson MilitarismDominican Republic Nixon Initial little interest in Latin America other preoccupations ending the war in Vietnam dtente with the USSR opening to China Active in defeating Marxism in ChileCarter New policy of promoting democracy and hman rights in Latin America Reagan Campaign to combat the threat of Cuban and Soviet influence in central America The Two Faces of US foreign policy towards Latin America Militaristic intrusive counterinsurgency features Political liberalization social reform economic development and hemispheric cooperationthese were often undermined by the former due to the chronic US fear of the spread of communism in the western hemisphere The common denominator policy in latin America was underpinned by one clear goal preventing the spread of communism in Latin America The Evolution of Inter American Relations Throughout the first three decades of the twentieth century the USA achieved a position of military political and economic hegemony in the Western hemisphere Latin American Post War Ambitions Nearing the end of WWII many latin American statespersons hoped that the intensified US interest in their region during the common effort against the Axis would result in a significant expansion of US economic assistance after the war Many sought to be privileged beneficiaries of US foreign aid by becoming active participants in the post war order Roosevelt Good Neighbor Policy WWII relationsIndirect method of dominance whereby Washington relied on cooperative relationship with pro American political economic and military elites in the region this was the defining feature of Roosevelts relationship with Latin America Many of these links and ties were nurtured during the war period Ecuador and several Caribbean islands granted base facilities to the US forces We observe a tightening of economic ties The concept of hemispheric cooperationthe employment of pan Americanism to mobilize Latin American support for the elevation of US foreign policy goals
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