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Chin Lim

1931 jp invade NE province 1937 full scale war 1938 fall of canton 1941 evacuation of euro from HK Dec7 JP attack Pearl harbor Dec8 battle of HK Dec 25 Governor Mark Young surrendered, HK lost 1942 surrender of extraterritoriality rights 1943 privilileges in China ends 1945 AUG 6 US atomic bombs on Hiroshima AUG 9 US atomic bombs on Nagasaki AUG 15 JP surrender 1953 Fire 1966 Star Ferry riot 1967 confrontation 1969 govt reform CDO, Secretary for Home Affairs 1971 free and compulsory universal education 1972 cross harbor tunnel built 1978 Hutchinson-Whampoa acquired by Li-Ka-shing 1979 MTR Jp invation: HK: -refugees -cultural capital since scholars flew to HK -newspaper & magazine increase -HK anti-JP resistance, fund raising UK: -neutrality -ctn trade with JP -preoccupation with Europe bcoz the Nazi Germany -view HK as un-defendable outpost -evacuation of Euro women and kids in 1941 Jp occupoation: -1941 dec-1945 aug -jp military govt -UK and Allied subjects interned -jp atrocities against HK Chinese -disposal of HK Chinese -transport food to Jp -change in govt and education -lost law and order -economic contraction, bankruptcy, collaboration with JP, inflation -hardship of 3 years and 8 months -British Army Aid Group BAAG, HK Chinese guerrillas
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