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Exam Study Sheet April1412 557 PMPolitical Systems o Second Republic 18481852Important Characters Cavaignac Louis Blanc Lamartine BeginsEnds o Second Empire 18521870Important characters Napoleon IIIBegins Dec 2 1852Coup was one year earlier where NIII extended presidential term to 10 years 1852 converts him into an emperorNapoleon III declares empireon anniversary of Napoleons Austerlitz victory and the date of Napoleons first coup in 1804Ends 1870FrancoPrussian war o Third Republic 18701940Important charactersBeginsEndsIncl 16th of May Crisis 1876 o Vichy Regime July 1940August 1944o Fourth Republic 19451958o Fifth Republic 1958Major Events o Charter of 1814Postrevolutionary constitution established by Louis XVIII BourbonAsserted French institutions were allowed bc of the Kings will and the Charter was a gift to the peoplePreserved Departmental system elements of Napoleon prefects civil servants generals maintainedParis given dominant power over the provincesRespect for property rights equality before the lawProclaimed Catholicism as state religionHouse of Peers aristocrats and the Chamber of Deputies electedBut needed to own property to vote be 30 years old and pay 300 francs taxyearTo be eligible for office 40yrs old 1000 francsyear taxOut of 2 mil 100k could voteUltimately failedmigrs were bitter and hated the revolution disliked Louis XVIII called him Louis VoltaireBourbon heir apparent Charles Artois surrounded himself w these migrs migrs began white terror and the govt was ineffective in stopping it migrs wanted to restore old regimeGovt moving extreme right only 100k could vote while the Chamber moved Left o July Ordinances 1830Govt was moving right while Chamber was moving Left Charles X previously Artois Dissolved new Chamber before its convocationAltered the electoral systemDeprived the wealthy bourgeoisie of the right to vote revoking 1814 charterStripped the press of any semblance of libertySignificanceCharles X tried to stage a royal coup dtatResulted in the 1830 July RevolutionCharles X forced to abdicate and fleeLafayette offers the crown to Orlanist LouisePhillipeCalls himself King of French People changed charter to be an expression of the people not the kings willBrings Tricolour back o July Revolution 1830Unofficial leaderhero Marquis de Lafayette workers students participateCharles X tries to suppress the uprising but the best troops are in Algeria and the ones in France were unhappyEstablishes Orlanists to the throne July MonarchyBourgeois Monarchy o July Monarchy18301848LouisPhillipes govt is corrupt enacted program to modernize infrastructure didnt pass a single law to benefit ordinary peopleShowed no sympathy for broadening suffrage or for making the ministry responsible to the Chamber or for permitting the president of the ministerial council to be the real executiveRun by and for the plutocratsTrying to find juste milieu golden mean stable equilibrium bw liberty and order o The Revolution of 1848CausesPartial revolution of 1930was not a broad base for the July Monarchy bc only about 100k people could voteNo great social crisis people were bored regimes lack of glamourUrban workers discontent bc impact of socialist propaganda longendured misery compounded by depression of 18467Farmers wave of bad weather crop failures and expensive scarce food agrarian crisis1840s also brought dangerous alienation of intellectualspeople like Victor Hugo George Sand Eugene Sue were developing mythology of the common man playing w doctrines of democracy and socialism Lamartine Michelet and Louis Blanc notable historians produced in 1847 new interpretations of the Great Revolution glorifying some aspect of dramatic upheaval
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