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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Exam Structure
5 Short Answer out of 8 Choices (40%)
-identify what/who, when, where
-contextualize: one or two sentences explaining importance of concept, place or thing
-i.e. Putting Out System: system of manufacture where raw materials purchased by
central agents and dist to independent artisans, working in own homes, to be fashioned
into goods before being collected by central agent and so on... dominant system of
manu in Euro and America before intro of factories in 18CE, provide worker with control
over time and pace of work, lost when factory dominant
-practice: dates to nearest decade
-ancillary industries: industrialization making industry out of waste product
-Frank and Lillian Gilbreth: innovators using film tech to further understand
motion and fatigue + worker efficiency... early 20CE, scientific management of
workers, hierarchy, deskilling of labor with intro of machine techniques, social
aspect of tech system, control system fundamental for dev of assembly line
1 Essay Question (60%)
-thesis/short introduction, general statement supported by specific evidence
-body: 2-3 discussed examples and evidence
-short conclusion to tie everything
i.e. two tech systems + role of non-physical/social components
-assembly line (define) + time management, regulation, deskilling, intro of personnel
dpt, motion studies reducing number of movements to make work fast, min motion,
being treated like machines, anxiety
-electricity (define) + anxieties, demonstrations,
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