HPS203H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Brownian Noise, Pseudorandom Number Generator, Brownian Motion

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Genetic drift, law of large numbers doesn"t apply. The central limit theorem doesn"t apply for the normal distribution curve that models the displacement of particles since different volumes of sampling still gives the same normal distribution curve. Law of large numbers is used in wiener"s filter. The larger the number of datas/experiments applied through the random process of aircraft the closer the gun machine would get to the expected behaviour of the pilots. These simple life forms first developed more than 3 billion years ago. The theory states that species arise and change gradually through inherited characteristics, which increase an individual"s ability to survive in their environment. He first came up with this idea in the galapagos. Islands where he noticed finches on different islands had different characteristics that were beneficial to the unique environment in which they lived. He postulated that all the finches were once the same species but differentiated after becoming the isolated on the different islands.