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Human Biology
Peter Harris

Welcome to HMB265H1F General and Human Genetics Detailed Syllabus 2013-2014 Fall Session Course Coordinator: Dr. Maria Papaconstantinou, Human Biology Program Course Instructors: Dr. Stephen Wright, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Lectures 1-11) Dr. Belinda Chang, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Cell & Systems Biology (Lectures 12-22) Lectures: Tuesdays 3:10 to 5:00 pm* and Fridays 1:10 to 2:00 pm, Convocation Hall *Lecture Review Session/Office Hours: Tuesdays 4:10 to 5:00 pm, Convocation Hall nd *Midterm Exam—Tuesday, October 22 from 3:10 to 4:20 pm Arts & Science Calendar Course Overview [24L, 12T]: An introduction to classical and modern methods of genetic analysis. Topics include Mendelian genetics, the genetics of human population and disease, genomics, and applications of genetics to human society. Prerequisite: (BIO120H1+BIO130H1)/150Y1 Co-requisite: (BIO230H1)/(BIO240H1+BIO241H1)/250Y1/BIO255Y1 Exclusion: BIO260H1, BIO207H5 DR=SCI; BR=4 Course Description: An understanding of genetics is essential for all life science students, and is becoming increasinglyimportant for all members of society. This course is designed to give you a solid grounding in genetics. Topics include Mendelian genetics, the genetics of human population and disease, genomics, and applications of genetics to human society. A variety of activities— lectures, readings, mandatory tutorial quizzes, and assignments—are planned to help you learn the material. To do well in the course, we recommend that you participate fully in all of these activities and that you keep up to date with the material. We hope you enjoy the course. Lecture notes will be posted under Course Documents before the lecture, please bring a printed copy to class. Make sure you have a copy of the lecture notes in your possession well before quizzes, the midterm test and the exam in the event of a problem accessing the course website. If you have questions regarding the course material, please post them on the Discussion Board section of the course website. We encourage students to answer questions too—this is a great way to make sure you understand the material. For questions of an administrative nature unrelated to course content, please post on the Discussion Board section of the course website under “administrative questions”, or contact Dr. Maria Papaconstantinou via the course administrative email: [email protected] Required textbook and solutions manual (available as a bundled package, U of T bookstore): 1. Griffiths AJ, Wessler SR, Carroll SB and Doebley J (2011) Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 10th edition, W.H. Freeman and Company, New York. 2. Scott, D, Sia, EA, Brockett, M, Fixsen WD and Lavett DK (2011) Solutions Manual for Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 10th edition. W.H. Freeman and Company, New York Optional Material: GeneticsPortal® for Griffiths' Introduction to Genetic Analysis, Tenth Edition, is a learning environment that integrates an interactive eBook, animations, and communication tools, as well as practice quizzes, tests, and assignments. If you have purchased either a package from the U of T bookstore with the GeneticsPortal Access Card or the Access Card itself, please follow the instructions posted under Syllabus on the Blackboard course site to register your activation code. HMB265 Lecture Schedule: Date Lecture Topic Textbook Number Chapter* Sep 10 1 The genetics & genomics of human biology 1 Forward Genetics Sep 13 2 Mendelian genetics for single gene traits 2, 3 Sep 17 3 Molecular basis of genetic polymorphisms and their 2 detection Sep 20 4 Pedigree analysis 2 Sep 24 5 Extensions of Mendelian genetics I – dominance, co- 6 dominance, penetrance, expressivity Sep 27 6 Extensions of Mendelian genetics II – 6 complementation/allelism, epistasis Oct 1** 7 Sex-linked traits & chromosomal theory of inheritance2, 3 Oct 4** 8 Linkage & recombination 3, 4 Oct 8 9 Linkage mapping 4 Oct 11 10 Population genetics 18 Oct 15 11 Genomics 14 Oct 18 12 Quantitative genetics 3, 19 Oct 22 Midterm exam Oct 25 13 Quantitative trait loci 19 Oct 29 14 Genetic mapping & complex traits 18, 19 Nov 1 15 Mutation 16 Reverse Genetics Nov 5 16 Transposable elements 15 Nov 8** 17 Large-scale chromosomal changes I 17 Nov 12** November break-no classes Nov 15 No classes due to Fall Convocation Nov 19 18 Large-scale chromosomal changes II 17 Nov 22 19 Epigenetics 12 Nov 26 20 Using genetics to understand development 13 Nov 29 21 Genetics of cancer 16 Dec 3 22 Gene therapy 15 *Required pages will be posted in the lecture notes. **Lectures given by Dr. Maria Papaconstantinou Evaluation: Term Mark (55%) 25% Midterm exam (Oct.22) 20% Tutorials (weekly) 10% Assignment (Nov.4) Final Exam (45%) (Final exam period) Exams: 90-95% of the questions are multiple choice, with the remainder short answer questions. Location: TBA. If you miss the exam for a valid reason, within one week drop off the appropriate documentation (see below) in the Human Biology Office. Final exam: Content: all lectures and tutorials. During the Faculty of Arts and Science examination period. Tutorials (Mondays weekly, starting Sep.16): The tutorials follow a team-based learning format. All tutorials start with a short individual quiz (2/3 tutorial mark). See below for the pre-tutorial readings and problems for each tutorial. This is the information that will form the basis of the quizzes. All the quizzes will be a combination of multiple choice and short-answer questions. Students then discuss the reading/problems and answers in small groups. Each group hands in one set of answers to the quiz based on their discussion (1/3 tutorial mark) before presenting to the tutorial group. Please attend the tutorial that was assigned to you. If you are not on the class list for that tutorial, you will not be allowed to stay in the tutorial. If you miss a tutorial for a valid reason, within one week drop off the appropriate documentation (see below) in the Human Biology Office. Tutorial Schedule of Assigned Readings, Problems, etc. (to be completed before tutorial): Date Number Assignment Sep No tutorial 9 Sep 1 Chapter 2 Problems: 42, 46, and 48 16 Chapter 3 Problems: 25, 28, 46, and 48 Sep 2 Chapter 2 Problems: 44, 45 (see Unpacking Problem 45 below the problem), 23
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