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Global Health  Sociopolitical/biological -> affect health in transnational perspective o Transnational health research- health equity  Hybrid of public health + international health  Multidisciplinary  Social/ cultural/ political factors-> health outcomes of pop around world  Research + creation of evidence  Interdisciplinary approach -> improve health status of global community  Use pre-existing health structures  First-world outlook – wary of bias  Global= scope, not geography  Health = full breadth of health threats (not just infections, disease) Koplan  Improving health, achieving equity for ALL  Transnational issues  Pop-based prevention with individual-level clinical care Bonita-global health action 2010  GH = collaborative transnational research, action for promoting health for ALL Moral imagination- missing component in GH  Ability of individuals & communities to empathizes with others  Systemic dysfunction o Preference for short-term individual interests over long-term collective interests  Wealthy nations perpetuate social injustice & poverty -> need face responsibility to alleviate lives of most adversely affected  Ability to empathize others requires critical examination of individuals & nations -> capacity to see bound to all human, sensitivity imagine being such  If lack moral imagination-> grand challenge -> need improving Prof’s research-53 week  Improve long-term outcome of short-term volunteer GH exp by using baton-model  Pop: Haitian migrant sugar cane workers  Bateyes: communities where sugar cane workers live  Healthcare, services: No  Price of sugar- documentary GH research spans many disciplines  Biotech  Basic science  Perceptions  Methodological  Meta-analyses  Translational  Impact evaluation  Health service delivery Vocab: Trend  General direction in which something develops  Evidence shows Trendy  Fashionable, up-to-date Capacity building  Sustainability  Knowledge translation  Partnerships  Health system  strengthening Innovation  Translational research  Globalization  Transition-to-scale  Multidisciplinary  Equity/ values  Cost-effectiveness  Cost-benefit  From lab-> village  Grandest challenge  How to bring high lvl science -> remote, resource poor location  Not always about low-tech solutions  Scaling-up interventions -> reach many ppl Trends in GH disciplines  Mental health  Child development  Non-communicable diseases o Cancer o Genetics Articles 1. Utilization of a mobile medical van for delivering pediatric care in the bateys of Dominican republic  Purpose o Describe pop, health needs, resources utilized of children in 32 bateyes  Methodology o Prospective 3 month study o Medical van-> reach, diagnose, treat o Simple design yet needed  Results o The baseline assessment of medical conditions did not match the donated medical aid 2. HIV infection and prevention of mother-to-child transmission in childbearing women: La Romana, Dominican Republic, 2002-2006  Purpose o To improve understanding of HIV infection in LR parturient, strengthen LR’s prevention of mother-to-child transmission (pMTCT) program o Evaluate use of key series & assess trends  Study context o USA university o Local charity o Local university o Local hospital 3. The global challenge  Lots of entry ot -> GH  GH careers not well defined  Plenty of funds available for GH  Key skills, expertise for GH o Cultural understanding o Anthropology o Project management o Behavior science o Economics o Policy  Kelley lee-> students need to be more political savvy work or for dominant multilateral org  Need for scientific expertise within GH often underestimated 4
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