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University of Toronto St. George
Human Biology
Philip Goodman

Teaching the Child Physical Activity Report Card 2011 ShortFacts To RememberCritical afterschool period is from 300 pm600 pm59 of kids are sedentary during this time of daySome only get 14 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity during this time of the dayBoys are more likely than girls to engage in physical activity during this periodChildren from lowincome families are less likely to participate in organized sports and physical activity after schoolKids who are outside during the afterschool period take about 2000 extra steps per day which equates to an extra 2 kilometres a dayChildren who participate in organized sport take 1600 more steps per day than those who dontLack of youth programming has implications for health behaviours other than physical activityAs the length of unsupervised time increases so does the risk for experimentation with behaviours such as sexual activity alcohol and marijuana useOne study shows that only 2 of girls and 3 of boys spend at least half the class engaging in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activityChildren have adopted a modern lifestyle that involves spending a great deal of time sitting idle indoorsChildren who have parent support for physical activity and have parents who rate physical activity as highly enjoyable were more likely to engage in an extra hour of physical activity per dayGuidelines state that for health benefits children and youth must engage in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity dailyCanada does NOT have a comprehensive national physical activity strategy88 of afterschool programs target children from ages 512 with only 49 open to teenagersPhysical activity levels are influenced byInfluencesSchool family peersIndividual CharacteristicsDisability ethnicity race gender ageSedentaryBehavioursScreen based and nonscreen sedentary behavioursOutcomesMental health body weight physical health physical literacySolutionsGet outside with room to moveSchool community partnerships and trainingPartnerships between School Administrators and programs that offer sports to facilitate the engagements in studentsYouth leadershipDevelopment of physical activity programs that engages the youthPolicy and investment supportResources of physical activity in the after school period are availableFoundations for a Health SchoolHigh Quality InstructionsProgramsHealthy EatingEating lessons schoolwide healthy eating monthPhysical ActivityStaff training on physical activity on PD days class timetables that include physical activityBullying PreventionAdopt a school wide bully prevention programHealthy Physical EnvironmentHealthy EatingEstablish a healthy menu refrigerator for storing healthy food during the dayPhysical ActivityProviding equipment to use outdoors during recess ad lunch breaks purchasing stationary bikes for recreational useBullying PreventionMaking playground a bullyfree zone more supervision to high risk areas of the schoolSupportive Social EnvironmentHealthy EatingDevelop healthy eating guidelines offer healthy lunchsnack programPhysical ActivityOrganize intramural programs for students and school events that require physical activityBullying PreventionEstablish a diversity club create a process where students feel safe reporting bullying incidentsCommunity PartnershipsHealthy EatingOffer breakfast program establish committee that focuses on healthy foods and beveragesPhysical ActivityOrganize Walking Wednesday program partner with another high school to offer a physical fitness clubBullying PreventionPartnering with local youth centre to provide programs in conflict resolution and development of self esteem provideLong Term Athlete DevelopmentActive Start MalesFemales 06 Focus on fitness learning and developing proper movements andRun jump throw kick twist catchFUN and part of daily physical activityExploration of risks and limitations in safe environments
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