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Lindsay Tonelli 998472442 EssayAssignment #1 - SOC314 How Young Adults Think about School, Work and Relationships For the assignment, I interviewed my sister’s close friend. She is 23 years old. She de- scribed herself as a loyal, independent person who values both her family and friends profoundly. She also described herself as a determined, energetic and approachable individual. She works very hard and feels as though her perseverance and exceptional work ethic are two of her strongest at- tributes. She is currently attending school full time pursuing a degree in Education. She is studying to become a French teacher at OISE at the University of Toronto. She also has a double major un- dergraduate degree in French and Spanish from the University of Toronto. Her father did not attend university, however her mother has a Bachelors ofAdministration fromYork University and a Bachelors ofArt from the University of Toronto. She works part time as a tutor for both elementary and high school students. She tutors students in a variety of different subjects; however French, Math and English are her areas of expertise. She explained that she has a job while she is in school to earn some extra money to help pay her bills and any other expenses. She hopes to become a French Immersion teacher in the near future. She explained that she is interested in pursuing this career because it allows her to share her knowledge and inspire children which she believes to be truly fascinating. She also enjoys working and interacting with youth and adolescents. She goes on to explain that she has always been very interested in the field of Education as well as learning new languages. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish and has taken language courses in Italian, German and Mandarin. She loves to travel and has acquired a deep appreciation for different cul- tures and new languages. When she was 20 years old, she traveled to Taiwan to teach young chil- dren English. She describes this trip as an “experience of a life time” and uses the words rewarding and enriching to describe her experience.After her trip to Taiwan, she explains that she had achieved a level of absolute certainty in terms of the career she wanted to pursue: a teacher. She adds that the teaching community comes along with a lot of positive features (pension, benefits, etc) Favorable for being a mother, raising children. *reword this* She believes that she will be likely in obtaining this career since there is currently a market for French teachers (an increasing number of children are being enrolled in the French Immersion program). Both her parents worked in business. Her father owns a marketing/graphics company and her mother used to work for busi- nesses such as Colgate, IBM and Xerox when she was younger. Her family is financially comfort- able. She explains that her parents have always pushed her to develop a good work ethic and have instilled within her the idea that knowledge is power. Her mother always excelled at languages which inspired her to learn French and English (which eventually pushed her in the direction of teaching and education). Both her parents have always reinforced the importance of education and she explains that she had always been expected to excel academically. She currently lives with her parents. During her undergraduate, she lived downtown with her best friend. She explains that she enjoyed living on her own and being independent, however still enjoys living at home with her family. She plans to move out in a couple years when she starts her career.Asecure job and poten- tially someone to live with will determine when exactly she decides to move out. She is currently not in a relationship. She has had two previous long term relationships - one for four years and the other for about a year and a half. She explains that right now she does not wish to be in a relation- ship, and wants to take time to focus on herself. She supports the idea of cohabitation and explains that living with your boyfriend/fiancé before marriage would be both a smart and practical idea. She thinks it is very important to
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