IMM250H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cytotoxicity, Blood Plasma, Complement System

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3 Feb 2013

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Antigens, Antibodies, & T-cell Receptor Structure II
T-cell receptor : MHC contact
Transmembrane region
Contains lots of arginine and lysine
very unusual for hydrophobic
transmembrane b/c they are +vely charged
o Should disrupt ability to stay in
But, exist for an important reason (to be
discussed later)
CD4 and CD8 cell surface proteins of T cells Ig superfamily members
Bind to conserved region of MHC receptor to stabilize interaction
T cell can respond effectively to antigen
Passes signals that lead to T cell activation
CD4: 4 Ig domains; a monomer
CD8: 1 Ig domain; α + β form a heterodimer
Ensures right class of T cell associates w/ appropriate MHC receptor
Killer T cells MHC class I = CD8+
Helper T cells MHC class II = CD4+
(recall: helper T cells activate B cells + humoral response)
o Some exceptions
Cytoplasmic domain of CD4 and 8 pass signals to T cell
T cell receptor does interacting on outside
need CD8 + CD4 to pass signal into cell + to make sure binding is correct
Immunoglobulin Structure and Function
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