IMM250H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cytoplasm, Bacteroidetes, Aspirin

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Lecture 1 - the immune system, a historical perspective. Immunology: the study of the immune system: the immune system: a system if cells, tissues and their soluble products that recognize, attack, and destroy entities that can endanger our health if and when they enter our bodies. 1371; education and architecture put on hold: survivors of the black death may have had immunological advantage, survivors may have benefited from greater resources due to the mass deaths. , ancient greek general and historian reported the concept of immunity after. Term immunity not yet used, no concept of causes of disease: procopius to disease resistance after witnessing a horrific plague. , a scholar in 6th century roman empire, made another recorded observation relevant. Term immunity not yet used, no concept of causes of disease: giralamo fracastro. , in 1500 italy, studied epidemic diseases or contagion and witnessed the.

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