IMM250H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Polly Matzinger, Mamp, Microorganism

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8 Mar 2011

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*innate: property of something or action that is essential and specific to that thing or action and is wholly independent of any other object, action, consequence; inborn innate immunity. organisms possess a set number of recognition molecules. infinite number of recognition molecules/antibodies (through the ability to mutate genes, we can have millions of combinations of antibodies that are able to recognize millions of antigens) Innate &adaptive immunity work together in controlling infection. Infections cannot be controlled at all (innate immunity is required to initiate adaptive immunity) innate immunity, no adaptive immunity. Infection is controlled at some rate (by innate immunity) but microbial growth continues and innate immunity + adaptive immunity cannot be cleared. Infections are cleared (by innate and adaptive immunity) ::consider the splinter = covered with bacterial products which are brought into our system which is what the innate system responds to. ::when a splinter occurs it causes a lot of damage to the cells in the.

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