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Preparation of congenic mice experimental procedurepan experimentto uncouple MHC allele expressed NF1 mouseuse three different pans to separate the T cell population within the F1 mouse and demonstrate that T cells can be restricted either by H2b or H2d if F1 is H2bd mouse Radiation chimeras To uncouple what is expressed on T cells and cells on hemopoetic cell system Thymus of mouse Demonstrate how selection process takes place in thymus Irradiate mouse to make radiation chimeraIrradiate mousedestroy all Homeotopoeic cellsthey are sensitive to irradiation So cells actively proliferatingwill be destroyed But other cellslike stay aliveNeed to provide full bone marrow cellsnot just B cells T cellsin order to recomposealso need to provide RBCs note above Any source of stem cellscan be fetal liver cells or bone marrow Immunize mouseDone in vitrousing APC AS WELL AS ANTIGEN What kind of restriction does T cells haveSame bone marrow transplant into thein two different animals one has P1 thymus so expressing H2d other expresses H2d and bhow does this change immune response of mouseP1 into P1 mou
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