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study notes for lecture two: innate barriers to infection

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Dana Philpott

Lecture TWO: INNATE BARRIERS TO INFECTION overview N barriers & their medium N epithelial cells = lining on the skin; are the first to come in contact with bacteria; need to be able to defend themselves and initiate immune responses N commensal flora natural microbes onin us N pathogens microbes that initiate disease & immune responses innate barriers ------ > ------ once broken ------ > ------ innate immunity ------ > ------ inflammation occurs ------ > ------ adaptive immunity skin & mucous membrane cellular & humoral defenses cellular & humoral defences rapidly regenerating surfaces complement proteins antibodies peristallic movement phagocytosis cytokines mucosillary escalator macrophages T helper cells vomiting neutrophils cytotoxic T cells flow of tearsurine NK cells coughing NO lysozyme ROS sebaceousmucous secretions cytokines antimicrobial peptides stomach acid commensal organism innate immunity immediately recognizes foreign agents & initiates response sets up adaptive immunity response (T cells, B cells, antibodies etc requires initiation by innate immunity) innate host defences against infections anatomical barriersphysical barriers humoral componentsblood-borne factors cellular componentsinnate cell80103078 mechanical factors complement neutrophils chemical factors coagulation system epithelial cells biological factors cytokines monocytes & macrophages NK cells eosinophils musical surfaces = sites of microbial encounters mouthnose oesophagus tracheaupper respiratory tract stomach large intestine small intestine urogenital tract
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