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study notes for lecture four: cellular and humoral innate factors

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University of Toronto St. George
Dana Philpott

Lecture FOUR: CELLULAR AND HUMORAL INNATE FACTORS *recall: actions taken when a pathogen breaks through the barrier MAMPs released DAMPs released detection by TLRNod proteinsNLR detected by NLRP (a type of NLR) activates a signal transduction activates a signal transduction ,.9L;,908,3,# activates inflammasome controls cytokine production controls IL-574:.9L43 *recall: differences between TLRs and NLRs TLR NLR Nod proteins NLR NLRPs detects MAMPs detect MAMPs peptidoglycan detects DAMPs -- ROS signal transduction signal transduction signal transduction ,.9L;,908,3,# ,.9L;,908 activates the inflammasome leads to cytokine and interferon production leads to cytokine production produces Il- *after the pathogen has been detected, innate immune mediators (cellular and humoral secreted) are needed ::cells of the innate immune system kill ::humoralsecreted mediators of the immune system kill andor protect innate immune response pathogen with MAMPs damages the epithelium to break through the epithelial barrier upon contact with microorganisms, PRMs ,7097LJJ07094,.9L;,90!,#,3,85,80 L31O,22,8420,3L33,90L22:3020L,9478 cytokines and chemokines are produced which result in inflammation *cytokine: signalling molecules, enhance the ability of cells to remove pathogens; bring in effector cells that clean up the infection ::interleukins ::tumour necrosis factor alpha %#. = important in inflammatory response *chemokine: family of chemotactic cytokines that attract other cells with a cytokine gradient to the site of infection : consist of soluble proteins and peptides that modulate the behaviour of cells at small concentrations : act locally and systemically : have pleiotropic effects ::interleukin 8CXCL8 = calls cells that can phagocytoze bacteria ::monocyte chemotactic peptide 1 (MCP1)
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