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study notes for lecture five: autoimmunity

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University of Toronto St. George
Dana Philpott

Lecture FIVE: AUTOIMMUNITY sepsis septic shock whole-body inflammatory state decreased tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery as a result of infection and (systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS) sepsis may be caused as a response to microbes in the blood, urine, lungs, skin or cause multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (multiple organ failure) other tissues common victims are children, the elderly and immunocompromised patients mortality is ~50% SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) caused by a coronavirus near pandemic spread from China to 37 countries in weeks one of the largest outbreaks was in Toronto 2003 transmission of SARS symptoms of SARS bats were the reservoir flu-like (fever, sore throat, myalgiamuscle soreness) bats transmitted it to civetscats which transmitted it to humans shortness of breath death due to lung failure caused by pneumonia mortality rate ~10% avian flu caused by a bird-specific influenza virus: H5N1 *H = hemagglutinin *N = neuraminidase transmission of avian flu symptoms of avian flu birds could be infected flu-like (fever, sore throat, myalgiamuscle soreness) highly pathogenic for birds but transmission to humans was inefficient death due to lung failure mortality rate could be as high as ~60% cytokine storm positive feed-back loop that amplifies cytokine production %.,-,-6 and IL-8 are key mediators * IL-574:.941L31O,22,8420,.9L;,9L43 *IL-8 = chemokine that recruits neutrophils moves from a local response to a systemic response
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