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1. Toulmin
b. Reason
i.Grounds: evidence for reason
i.Backing: supports warrant
2. Classical argument
i.Exordium: attention-getter
ii.Narratio: background/context
iii.Propositio: thesis
iv. Partition: preview of main points
b. Main body
i.Confir matio: arguments supporting thesis
ii.Confutatio: refutations of opposition
i.Peroratio: summarizes argument, calls for action, leaves strong lasting impression
3. Rogerian argument
a.Introduction: statement of problem/question
b. Summary of opposing views
c.Statement of understanding: circumstances where opposition may be valid
d. Statement of position
e.Statement of contexts: circumstances where position is valid
f.Statement of benefits: how position benefits undecided audience
4. Causal
a.Cause and its effects
b. Effects traced back to cause
c.A causes B, B causes C
1. One-sided
a.Only authors position
b. Typically supportive audience
c.To change belief into action
2. Multi-sided
a.Includes oppositions views for rebuttal only
b. Classical argument
3. Dialogic
a.Includes oppositions views for acknowledgement of validity and value
b. Rogerian argument
1. Claim of Fact
a.Argument about a measurable topic
b. Need reliable evidence
2. Claim of Value
a.To defend, offer criter ia, argue for their validity, and show applicability
3. Claim of Pol icy
a.Actionable topic, one better than others given current knowledge
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