INI100H1 Quiz: Notes for the grammar test

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25 Mar 2011

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There was still a play and his lines . His family come from a, b, and c . Singular or plural depends on obj of p. Plural verb iff members not acting in unison. Singular if referring to what the word represents. The team and i played vs * the team and myself played . One another subject involving three or more. Mixed plural and singular antecedents joined by or, nor agree with nearest antecedent. Context-dependent: whether singular or plural depends on object of preposition. None meaning not a single one or for a mass n. None of the scouts knew how to fix their . I felt bad for the child, who played badly in the game. Change all units to same part of speech. * my prof gave not only bs but also took as. versus my prof gave not only bs but also as.

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