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University of Toronto St. George
Innis College Courses
Vikki Visvis

Subject-Verb Agreement Singular Uncountable nouns - The news is - *An information - Less information VS *Fewer information The key to the drawers is Ignore prepositional phrases to find real Sbj Macaroni and cheese is Compounds that are one unit Either adebit or two credit cards are Closest to verb agrees Neither the teacher nor students are Each, everyone, nothing, no one, everyone Singular verb MAANS Singular or plural depends on Obj of P There is one key Agree with real Sjb There are two kittens There was still a play and his lines Agree with first noun Here was a pen and two pencils Adminstration, class, jury, population, staff Singular verb IFF members acting in unison His family comes for A His family come from A, B, and C Plural verb IFF members not acting in unison A number of bees are Plural The number of bees is Singular Seven Seas is Singular if referring to what the word represents Agree with what follows of 23 of work is 23 of guests are 85 dollars is
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