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Viktoria Jovanovic- Krstic

Letter Forms and structures Memo formation Here is the information I promised in class, Thursday on how to structure your letter based on audience, aesthetic appeal and goal. I also include for you the parts of the memo and the general rules you might consider as you are presenting your information. Letter Styles: Full Block: All information is flush left to the margin. Paragraphs are presented single space. Double space between paragraphs to show paragraph break. Note: Most letters have a subject line. You may place the subject line either above the salutation or below the salutation. Salutation is followed by a colon. Your address Date Receiver’s Address Subject: (optional placement here) Saluation: Subject: (optional placement here) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Complimentary close, Signature Name Typed Semi Block Format: Your address and the date begin from the centre mark on the page. The receiver’s address is flush left to the margin as is the salutation. You may place the subject line either above the salutation or directly below it. The complimentary close, your signature and your typed name appear at the bottom parallel to the information at the top of the page. Note, this form only looks professional if you can keep the length to one page. Your Address Date Receiver’s Address Subject line: (optional placement here) Salutation: Subject line: (optional placement here) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Complimentary close, Signature Your name typed Simplified Letter Style: All information aligned flush left to the margin. This letter has neither a salutation nor a complimentary close. After the receiver’s address, include a SUBJECT: The body of the letter begins immediately after the Subject line. To close, simply sign your name and type your name under the signature.Memo format: Your address The Memo is made up of two main parts: the memo information section and the body of the memo itself. Date The To, From, Date line tell the reader Receiver’s Address who prepared the document and for whom SUBJECT:
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