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Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics Psycholinguistics - The study of language-processing mechanisms - How word meaning, sentence meaning, and discourse meaning are mentally represented - How complex words and sentences are composed in speech Language processing - Not observable - Done unconsciously Methods of linguistic research - Field techniques o Slips of the tongue Spontaneous speech errors Researcher has no control over occurrence and frequency Slips of tongue cannot be elicited 1. Spoonerisms Ex. You have hissed all my mystery lectures. Formation exchange words initial consonants Sounds exchanged Significance pre-planning of speech before articulation vs. 2. Mixing and matching morphemes Morphemes exchanged Ex. Id forgot aboutten that. Significance pre-planning of speech before articulation Significance morpheme is fundamental unit of English sentence production o Affix may remain while stem moves o Stem may remain while affix moves - Experimental techniques o Mental lexicon Collection of individual units of words Different entries stored and linked, to be accessed on a moments notice 1. Lexical decision test Response latency: Given word, asked to judge existence of word in English participants response time Mental lexicon must be accessed to do so Measure response latency and response accuracy Analysis involves comparing response time to different sets of stimuli (i.e. nouns versus verbs, abstract versus concrete) Concerned with organization of lexicon, access of entries Discover frequency effect o For words judged real o Longer response latency to judge fret than free
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