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Writing - The symbolic representation of language by graphic signs or symbols Development of writing systems - Writing originated in multiple places, including Mesopotamia, China, and various Mayan civilizations Types of writing - Logographic writing o Symbols represent morphemes or words o Oldest type of writing Ex. Sumerian before it evolved into phonographic writing o Present in all writing systems Ex. %, &, $, 15 - Phonographic writing o Symbols represent syllables or sounds Occurred once pictures began to be read as words o Syllabic writing Syllabary: set of Signs represent syllables syllabic signs Well-suited for languages with simple CV and CVC syllabic structures Ex. Cree, Japanese o Alphabetic writing Symbols represent consonants and vowels Alphabets ignore non-phonemic phenomena (i.e. consonant aspiration, vowel nasalization) Ex. English Pictograms Pictograms - Image of the object or concept represented (sem. ext.) - Pictures are precursors of written word, but not writing per se o Earliest pictographic writing in Sumeria around 5000 years ago Logographic - No presentation of linguistic element (i.e. segments, syllables, morphemes, or Phonographic word order) - Ex. present-day symbols on bathrooms, highways o Independent of specific language Semantic extension Ideas associated - Meaning extended to abstract concepts with object - Ex. Egyptian hieroglyphic for water meaning fresh, cool; Sumerian logogram for foot meaning to go o Sumerian combined logogram of a head on fire meant anger Phonetic extension
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