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Matt Hunt Gardner

FINAL EXAM INFO June-25-13 3:33 PM FINAL EXAM INFO: - Chambers (2010) - a lot of the video content is found here as well - Tagliamonte - Video content - library commons available at library (Talking Canadians) - Lectures - Readings - Tell stories of certain things ○ Immigration ○ How did CE spread ○ Status of English in Quebec ○ Story of intensifiers ○ Important aspects of each of these ○ Memorization of charts  Table 3 in Tagliamonte  Chapter 4 table 4.3  Tables to memorize for midterm as well from ch3 ○ Table 4.2 (ch4) ○ Features of Canadian English - same and diff from SBE and SAE ○ Immigration of e.g. loyalists… ○ NFLD and Nova Scotia english  How are they diff, or similar and how they diverged  Linguistic features  Social histories  How they relate to language Final Exam review: - Don't need to know specific dates - But know the importance of wars and significance to CE - Frequency of CE with British forms dying off - Dates for - Confederation, when did NFL join Canada - Important documents that relate to Canada (Official language act) - Know concentration of canada - Dialect enclave ○ Towns and cities that have diff dialect than the community ○ Relate to culture and history ○ East coast is the only ones that is still sustained but dying off - Standard vs non-standard ○ Version of english that elites that have agreed upon that is better than the others ○ Education and people with lots of money - this way of speaking = standard ○ Non-standard is everything else = people with no power ○ Formal vs Casual  Meeting the queen  Yelling at your dog / talking to a friend  'ing vs 'in  Toronto Talk (formal) vs. NFL talk (casual)  Usually a community agrees on it  Formal = codified by elites and educated people, called "standard" = made into dictionaries for example - High muck -a -muck ○ Chinook jargon ○ Someone who
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