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University of Toronto St. George
Anne- St Amand

LIN 204Practice MidtermSection A Multiple choice 5 ptsFor each of the following questions 15 circle one and only one answer1 Which of the following statements is true Do you think Im made of money is likely a rhetorical questionaThe sentencebThe choice of modals makes for a subtle meaning difference between the I hope that he will be there and I hoped that he would be theresentences I wish you would tell me what to do contains a deferred cThe sentence prepositiondThe sentence I could really use a cup of tea is likely a declarative requestea and dfb c and d2 Which of the following sentences has a discourse function that is not the most common one for its clause typeaIt makes me very sad to see thatbWhat a mean person he iscCould you please movedDont do thatea and cfb and d3 Which of the following shows the specified constituency test being applied incorrectlyaReduction She had a pathological phobia related to hats The sentence can be written as She had a phobia therefore the underlined portion is a constituent on TuesdaybSubstitution He collapsedThe sentence can be written as He did so on Tuesday therefore the underlined portion is a constituent actingcQuestion David gave up onThe sentence can be written as Q What did David do A Gave up on acting therefore the underlined portion is a constituentdCoordination Sheila threw out her stamp collectionThe sentence can be written as Sheila threw out her stamp collection and in the towel therefore the underlined portion is a constituenteBoth a and cfBoth c and d4 In which of these sentences is the word neither a pronounMy boyfriend didnt want to go to the movie and neither did IabTheir little sister was missing and neither boy could explain her absencecI like chocolate ice cream or raspberry sorbet but you have neitherdNeither chocolate nor vanilla are my favorite ice cream flavorseNone of the above1
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