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Anne- St Amand

1 Answers to exercises Chapter 41 Phrasal category and function a It NPSUBJECT was a light brown dog with the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen NPSUBJECT COMPLEMENT It is a subject as it can for instance invert with the verb to form a question A complement is something that refers to the same thing as something else in the sentence in this case whatever it refers to is also referred to by a light brown dog with the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen Since it refers to the same thing as the subject it is a subject complement b This dog NPSUBJECT looked quite old APSUBJECT COMPLEMENT The same arguments as for ac You NPSUBJECT can tell by its teeth PPADVERBIAL ADJUNCT We have classed by its teeth as an adverbial since it is additional information not selected by the verb and it answers the question how not what or who It modifies the content of the clause so it is an adjunctd At first PPADVERBIAL ADJUNCT it NPSUBJECT was not so friendly APSUBJECT COMPLEMENTe so SubordinatorADVERBIAL CONJUNCTI NPSUBJECT stroked its fur NPDIRECT OBJECT So is an conjunct since it links the clauses with each otherf and I NPSUBJECT gave it NPINDIRECT OBJECT a piece of ham which I had on me at the time NPDIRECT OBJECT When there are two objects the indirect precedes the direct one g It NPSUBJECT suddenly AdvPADVERBIAL ADJUNCTdawned on me PPADVERBIAL COMPLEMENT Dawn can occur on its own but only when it relates to sun dawn as in the day dawned In this use when it means something suddenly becoming clear to a person it cannot occur without the PP For this reason we have classed it as an obligatory adverbial here There are other possibilities One could argue that the preposition was part of the verb so that the verb was dawn on and me was an object You might try to use the constituency tests to see which analysis you find most plausible You might argue that it dawned onis some kind of an idiom since there are very few things that can occur in the place of it but an idiom will also have a structureh the dog NPSUBJECT might have been a stray NPSUBJECT COMPLEMENTj I NPSUBJECT rang the nearest animal shelter NPDIRECT OBJECT
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