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University of Toronto St. George
Anne- St Amand

1 Answers to exercises Chapter 3 1 Spot the word class They gulched verb quaffed and guttled verb guzzled Mephitically adverb offensively alliaceous adjective smelly ventripotent adjective bigbellied fopdoodles noun fools and gotchy adjective bloated slubberdegullions noun ratbags she mussitated verb muttered She fibulated verb hesitated piddling verb nibbling moliminously adverb laboriously at the jejune adjective meagre and unsaporous adjective unsatisfying grots noun scraps tofore preposition in front of her Fackins interjection Damn Pabulous noun delicious comessations noun banquets were an ephialtes noun nightmare for the deipnetic noun diner It was a niminy adjective weak gulosity noun gluttony she wiste verb knew it but they begat verb caused swilk demonstrative such an increment noun increase in her recrement noun saliva a cupidity noun desire that was ineluctable adjective inescapableit was the flurch noun abundance of postjentacular adjective palatetickling flampoints noun tarts and licious adjective luscious lozens noun pastries Thilke demonstrative those trogalions noun sweets she yissed verb desired avidulously adverb greedily She could but gorm verb stare esuriently adverb hungrily at the ashet noun dish She fimbled verb touched her falbala noun petticoat aganacticiously adverb anxiouslyWeve also included a number of functional or grammatical words tofore which is an obsolete preposition also conjunction meaning something like before swilk a demonstrative and also pronoun and an earlier and alternative form of such thilke a demonstrative and also pronoun meaning those these We will summarize how we assigned the word classes here we classified all the items on the basis of their grammatical behaviour that is their shape ie their morphology and their position in the sentence ie their syntax All the verbs show typical inflectional morphology gulch and guttle take the typical past tense marker ed nouns like fopdoodles and slubberdegullion take the plural ending s Adverbs here show the common derivational ly ending used to derive adverbs from adjectives aganacticiously and moliminously but remember this ending can also be found on adjectives and there are many adverbs that dont have it Some adjectives here show the classic y deriviation ending gotchy and niminy but with these we also had to go on position As we discussed in the chapter words of the same class will fill the same basic slots in the recurrent patterns of a language These adjectives occur just before the noun in the noun phrase2 Word classes in nonnormal speech well adverb the det boy noun is verb slipped verbgoing verbover adverbbut conjunction he pronouns verb getting verb the det what pronoun dverb you pronoun call verb em pronoun oh interjection cakes noun any anyway adverbhe pronoun s verb getting verb but conj slowly adverb coming verb bang interjection indicating a noise and conj he pronoun s verb over adverband conj second quant determiner one pronoun she pronouns verb just adverb
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