LAT201H1 : LAT201 - Cicero, Livy

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29 Jan 2012

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As to what you write to me about your sister, she herself will be witness to how anxious i have been that the feelings of my brother quintus should be such as they ought to be to her. Since i thought him to be too resentful, i sent these letters to him which is both to placate him as a brother, advise him as he is younger and scold him as he errs. And so from these letters which were often written by him to me afterwards, I"m confident that everything is as it should be and as we wished it to be. I am glad that you are pleased with your purchase in epirus. My brother quintus we are expecting any day now. She esteems both you and your sister and your mother greatly and she adds in writing many greetings to you, and so does little tullia, our delight.

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