LAT201H1 : LAT201 - Livy II

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29 Jan 2012

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And now having prepared enough of everything for crossing all the enemies, knights and infantry, possessing the bank on the other side terrorized them. Appointed for this purpose, the gallic guides told them that from there nearly five-and- twenty miles upstream the river, flowing around a small island, afforded a crossing because of its shallower channel. There, timber was hastily cut down, making rafts in which the knights and the infantries and other burdens might be crossed over. The spaniards without any trouble swam across the river. Making progress on the next day, they indicate by a smoke signal from a high place, that they have crossed and were not far away; so when hannibal received it, he gave the signal to cross. Sending across a column of ships with an earlier party upstream in order to take the force of the current, hannibal gave calm waters downstream for the small boats crossing.

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