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Michel Cottier

Latin TranslationCaesarp58With a tiny part of summer remaining Caesar nevertheless hastened to set out for Britain although in these places the winters are early because he understood that help had been provided from there to our enemies for nearly the entire Gallic WarAnd if the season time of the year was lacking to wage war nevertheless he was thinking that it would be of great use to him if only he had gone to the island and had studied the kind of people he would have learned about the place the harbour and the way to approach them all which were almost unknown to the GaulsAnd indeed no one approached that place readily except the merchants and nothing was known to the people except the coast and those regions that are facingagainst Gaul And so although the merchants having been called to him from all sides since he was not able to find how great the size of the island was and which or how great the nations living there were and which methods of war they have and which institutions they were using and which harbour was suitable for a great number of great shipsTo know these things he sent C Volusenus with a long shipTo him he entrusted having explored all to return to him as soon as possible He himself with all of his forces set out to the territory of the Morinii because the quickest way into Britain was from there he ordered to gather those ships from neighbouring regions from all sides and the fleet which he made up the previous year for the Venetii warMeanwhile his plan being made known and carried through by the merchants to the British legates from several states of the island came to him who promise to give hostages and obey the command of the Roman peopleHearing these things making generous promises and urging that they remain through and through in that state of mind he sent them back to their homesVolusenus seeing the region as much as he could on the fifth day returned to Caesar and he reported these things which he had seen thereHaving gathered around 80 cargo ships since he thought transporting up to two legions to be enough that he distributed besides the war ships he had to the quaestors the legates and the prefectsAdded to these were eighteen cargo ships which were held back by the wind away 8 miles from that place so that they could not come into the same harbor he distributed these to his cavalry
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