LAT201 - Cicero, Livy

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Michel Cottier

Latin TranslationCicerop16As to what you write to me about your sister she herself will be witness to how anxious I have been that the feelings of my brother Quintus should be such as they ought to be to herSince I thought him to be too resentful I sent these letters to him which is both to placate him as a brother advise him as he is younger and scold him as he errsAnd so from these letterswhich were often written by him to me afterwards Im confident that everything is as it should be and as we wished it to beI am glad that you are pleased with your purchase in EpirusMy brother Quintus we are expecting any day nowTerentia has great pain of the jointsShe esteems both you and your sister and your mother greatly and she adds in writing many greetings to you and so does little Tullia our delightTake care that you be strong and love us and persuade yourself to be loved by me like my brotherp18Cicero gives greeting to AtticusKnow that I have been blessed by a little son Terentia being wellFrom you already for a long time nothing of letters oFrom you for a long time now no lettersI wrote to you before about my plans carefully in detailAt this time Catilina my fellow candidate I am thinking of defendingWe have the judges who we want with the highest goodwill of the prosecutorsI hope if he is acquitted that that man would be more closely allied in my plan of candidatureI have need of your timely arrivalFor certainly there is a very strong opinion among men that your friends those noble men will be opposed to my honourelectionTo win over the goodwill of those men to me I seeyou will be of use to me Therefore come January as you have decided see that you are back at Romep20How long will you abuse at length Catilina our patienceHow long indeed will that furymadness of yours mock usTo which endfor how long is that unbridled audacity of yours going to strut aroundThe nightly guard of the Palatine does it not move you in anything does the city watches does the fear of the peopledoes the expression on the faces of all the good men not move youDo you not feel that your plans are revealed do you not see that your conspiracy is now held fast by the knowledge held of these men
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