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Latin TranslationCicerobeginning p10 14p10Before I was surprised that you were so very delighted by this place for I think nothing to be in this place except rocks and mountains now on the other hand I am surprised when you are away from Rome you rather be anywhereTruly I when I am allowed to away for many days especially at this time of the year I follow both these healthiness and pleasantness but seldom am I allowedBut certainly another reason also delights me which does not concern you TitusWhatever is that reasonBecause if truth be told this is my true native country and of this brother of mine For here we were raised by an ancient family here are the sacred rites here is my clan here are the many traces of my ancestorsWhat more should I sayYou see this country house villa as it indeed stands now having been built more grandly by the effort of our father who although he was of poor health here he nearly spent his lifetime in lettersstudy of literature but in this very place when my grandfather was living and the small villa had been of old know that I was bornFor this reason there is something hidden deep in my mind and soul because of which this place perhaps delights me more seeing that even he the wisest ma
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