LAT201 - Livy III

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Michel Cottier

Latin TranslationsLivy p180 Line 69A great force of men pressed from behind On this occasion too it had come to extreme danger and near ruin for while Hannibal delayed in sending down a column into the narrows the mountain people making an attack on the flank occupied the road by breaking through the middle of the column and Hannibal passed the night without horses and baggagesThe next day the barbarians now having attacked less vigorously the forces had joined and the defile was topped not without disaster nevertheless having more ruin of the beasts of burden than of men From there the mountain people now fewer and in the manner more of brigandage than warfare were skirmishing sometimes in the front sometimes in the rear of the column the place enabled in whatever way or those invading or those delaying made some an opportunityThe elephants even though they were driven through the narrow paths in a grand manner still wherever they went they made the column safe from enemies because there was fear to those unaccustomed to approaching closerLivy p182On the ninth day he had arrived on the Alpine mountain pass travelling mostly through pathless tracts and by wr
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