LAT201 - Livy I

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Michel Cottier

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Translations Livypp170 1724Also rumour has it that Hannibal nearly nine years of age childishly coaxing his father Hamilcar so that he was brought to Spain and as he sacrificed on the point of crossing there with his army after he was brought to the altar having touched the sacred objects he Hannibal was made to swear an oath that he as soon as he could will become the enemy of the Roman peopleThe very timely death of Hamilcar and the childhood ofHannibal postponed the war In the meantime Hasdrubal held command for nearly eight years between father and son Hannibal withdrew to New Carthage in the winter having conquered Saguntum and there hearing those things had been done and decreed at Rome and at Carthage and hearing that he was not only the leader but also the cause of the war having divided out the rest of the plunder or sold it piecemeal thinking that he should postpone matters no further he called together the soldier
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