LIN200H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Handshape, Implicature, Underlying Representation

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Published on 1 May 2018
LIN200 Final Exam Review
FInal Exam
-three hours
-December 20th 9-noon
-65 multiple choice questions
-most of these are obvious yes or no if you know the material
-comprehensive: know the IPA, how to do the morphology problem
-focus on post-midterm
Stuff you Should Know
-phonetics and phonology
-IPA for English
-vocal tract layout and phonetic terminology (voiced bilabial oral stop, etc)
-phonemes and allophones
-allophones occur in complementary distribution that are parts of the same
-phonological rule analysis, underlying representations, surface representations
-given a rule, and given an underlying representation, can you derive a
surface representation
-morphology and syntax
-solve typical problems
-be able to translate from/to english
-syntactic constituency
-esp universalsunderlying universal commonality in syntactic structure
-don’t need to know the maxims
-need to know implicature
-entailment, presupposition, implicature, paraphrase
-difference extensional and intensional meaning
-sign language
-handshape, location, movement, orientation, fundamental similarities between
sign and speech
-issues with language acquisition and CIs (like our tutorial letter)
-marked vs unmarked handshape
-what kinds of handshapes show up in marked vs unmarked
language change
-A>B a turned into b
-some of the more obvious kinds of change: something like narrowing vs widening
-the ones that are obvious for the name
-i.e. analogical levelling won’t be on the final
-language families and protolanguages
-read through the section on writing systems
-the question will be specific to the section, make sure to know the section
-prestige vs stigma
-conservative vs innovative
find more resources at
find more resources at
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