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31 Dec 2010

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Study of the relationship between society and language: how language structures used in discourse are related to the social roles and/or situations associated with them. Composed of individuals with common word choice, syntax, and pronunciation. Dialect: members share sociolinguistic norms about language use, members marked by. sociolinguistic markers: salient, recognized within community as having particular social meaning. sociolinguistic indicators: subtle, below the listener"s radar: sociolinguistic norms affect markers and indicators. A language variety used by a particular group of people. Non-standard variety as opposed to a language considered the standard variety: value judgment. Linguistic features that can be produced in more than one way. Ex. pronunciation of th" in thin, that, and thank. Area of linguistics that measures and explains the relationship between social distinctions and linguistic practice. Mutual intelligibility: individuals from different places can understand each other, mutual intelligibile, then considered dialects of one language, mutually unintelligible does not always declare separate languages.

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