MAT237Y1 Study Guide - Riemann Integral, Level Set, Riemann Sum

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27 Sep 2011

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Here are additional exercises to supplement the acknowledged paucity of problems in the textbook, roughly grouped according to the chapter material they pertain to. Within each chapter heading, the exercises are not placed in any particular order. The majority of the exercises are computational, rather than conceptual in nature. Starred problems are ones which are more involved or di(cid:14)cult, and therefore are ones which are not likely to be on a term. Additional exercises and short answers will be posted in the future. In this handout, not all material from all chapters is represented among the types of questions below. Also, as mentioned, some parts of this handout-in-progress (such as questions on integration) need to be updated in the future. 1 chapter 1: show that the closure s is connected if s (cid:26) rn is connected, true or false: if f : s (cid:0)! R where s (cid:18) rn, and all partial derivatives @jf exist and are bounded on.

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