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Peter Helli

Ch1What is advantage of using packet switchingPacket Switching Reduces Trunk Line CostsPackets from several conversations are multiplexed on trunk linesEach conversation only pays for the capacity it usesQuality of ServiceDelay Latencytraffic chronically or momentarily exceeds capacitybad for voice communication or highly interactive applicationsJitterVariation in latency between successive packetsReliabilityAvailability Percentage of time the network is available to users for transmission and receptionError RateLost or damaged messages or bitsInternetAn internet is a group of networks linked together with routers in a way that allows an application program on any station on any network in the internet to be able to communicate with an application program on another station on any other networkDNS Domain Name SystemDNS provides a way of finding a hosts IP address if only its host name is knownClient host sends DNS request xxxcom to DNS host DNS host look up the target hosts IP address in a DNS table and send back the IP address Then the client can connect to the target hostPackets and FramePackets and FramesPackets are called frames in switched networksPackets are called packets in routed networksA packet is carried in a frame within each switched networkA frame arrives at a routerThe frame contains a packetThe router takes the packet out of the frameThe router puts the packet into a new frame appropriate for the next network and sends it outThe header of a frame contains address fieldFunction of router and gateway
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