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11.6 Absolute Convergence & Ratio and Root Tests Question #2 (Medium)

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11.6 Infinite Sequences & Series Absolute Convergence & Ratio and Root Tests Question #2 (Medium): Convergence by Ratio Test Strategy By the word “ratio” test, it takes and the next term expression and takes a ratio of the two so that: 1) | | means ∑ is absolutely convergent (ie. convergent) 2) | | , or means ∑ is divergent 3) | | means no conclusion can be drawn from the Ratio Test about convergence or divergence of ∑ All series expression falls into one of the three categories, thus depending on the outcome of the ratio test, its convergence, or divergence, or no conclusion can be drawn based on the test. Sample Question Determine if the series is absolutely convergent conditionally converge
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