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Dan Dolderman

7701CodeMATHEMATICSDEPARjIMENT OF TorontoIJniversitv of 135YMAT TermTest ff22OO47 Tresdag December rninutes45 hour allowed t Tirne PENBALLPOINT iN INK OT PRINT PLEASE BOXANSWER STUDENTOF NAME 1 namefull PRINT Please 2 surnameUNDERLINE and 3 NOSTUDENT 4 o5 oSTUDENTOF SIGNATURE 6 in PENBALLPOINT or INK 7 o8 oetce M4A RsD CODE TUTORIAL e oo10 oee F3 etcR6 T4 TIME TUTORIAL 11 t2 oTAYOUR OF NAME 13 o14 NOTE15 paqeshas 14 test that this you start check Before 1 16 opagesNO blank are There 17 oquestions20 multiplechoice of consists test This 2 18 by cornpletelyquestion to each your answer Indicate 1e BOXthe ANSWER in circle appropriate the in filling 20 pencildark sharp Use a page front this on calculqla4No allowed No aids 3 ENTIRETHIS IN HAND MUST YOU TEST THE END OF THE AT SUOERVISOREAI4 THE TO AIIL PAGES L4 TESTPAPER 1 of 14Page 7701Code PLEASE READ CAREFULLYIndicatequestions has exactlv one correct answer 20 multiplechoice following Each of the in thein the appropriate circle question cornpletely filling your by answer to each pencilpage a sharp dark the front IJse on ANSWER BOX answer or anfor no answer a wrong marks for answer 0 a correct SCHEME 5 MARKING justify your You not required answersare to more one answer indicating than unclear answer or pageyour you front question should indicate answer on the you have done a ADVICE Once pages your tofrom the inside transfer answers of the test to Dont till the end immediately wait pagefront the pages inside NOT countindicated on these will answers Your and WARNING computations page will counton the front in the ANSWER BOX indicated the flnal answers Only page on the front duequestion have indicated a wrong answer you but have correctly If done a questionyou get for zero that or reason will a whatever to carelessness eIrI ffrn z0 trz141eL1L114r2 If 1 f 1Jd67TD09o1J2 14Page of
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