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Dan Dolderman

Code: 4337 Department of Mathematics IJniversity Toronto MAT 135Y Term-Test ff2 Monday,December 6, 2010 Time allowed: Hour, 45 rninutes ANSWERBOX PleasePRINT in'{K oTBALL_POII\iT: [email protected]@@@@ . 2 @@@@@ NAME OF STUDtrNT: (PleaPRINTfuilname [email protected]@@[email protected] andUNDERLINE surname): [email protected]@@@@ STUDENT NUMBER: [email protected]@@@@ [email protected]@@@@ SIGNATURE OF STUDENT (iINK orBALL-POINT PEN): 7 @@@[email protected] TUTORIAL CODE (u.g.M4A, R5D, etc.): [email protected]@@[email protected] TUTORIAL TIME (".S74, R5,F3, etc.): [email protected]@@@@ [email protected]@@[email protected] NAME OF YOUR TA: [email protected]@@[email protected] [email protected]@@@@ NOTE: [email protected]@@[email protected] [email protected]@@@@ 1. Before start, check this test4pages [email protected]@@@@ ThereareO blankages. [email protected]@@[email protected] 2. This test consistsoftiple-choiceons. [email protected]@@@@ Indicateouranswerto eachuestionby completely [email protected]@@[email protected] fiIling in theopriate circlethe ANSWER BOX [email protected]@@@@ onthisfrontage. (Usa sharp darkencil!) [email protected]@@@@ 3. No aidsowed.No calculators! Page of L4 Code z 4337 NA\48 of STUDENT: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: your E*h th"f"ll"*ing0 multiple-choiceuestionshasexactlvone correctnswer. Indicate answerf to eachquestion by completely fiIlingn theappropriate circlein the ANSWER BOX on the frontpage. Use a sharp dark pencil. MARKING SCHEME: 5 ma.rksfor a correctnswer, 0for no a,nsweror awrong answer oI t"dt"rtt"g-"* than oneansu,er.No partial credit.u arenot requiredtojustifyour answem. circleshatyou darkenwill count.Your answersindicatedelsewherend your Note thai onlythe betweenyour answerson the frontage computations willOT count. Ifthere is anyiscrepancy page and the answersyou indicateon theinsidepage,the circlesou darkenon the front will be regardedas yourfinal answerc. ADVICE: Once you have done a question,you shouldindicateyour answer on thefrontpage immediately.on't waituntil thend ofthe testo transferoulanswels to therontpage! '"1 3"1 . 1. Findthe value o1 T-+(aZ-I'-4I" u I @ 2 ,f @ , o _t+ -7,f @ t undefined @ 2. Find the value of l-+0 - u r + 2sinr tanr t 2 0 -1 @ o-' @ undefined Pano ) of 14. Code: 4337 INDICATE YOUR A}ISWERS O}{ THE FROh{T PAGE. Penalty for not doing so is minus 10 marks! 3. If - and '(7): z, u,hatmubethe valueof thconstantk? f(r) m f @ 0 @ -9 -7 o o B @ -10 - -2 '(2- 4.Ifg(r) ,'f("),f(2) andf 4,theng'(2) @ 9 @ 6 @ T o B @ 10 5.Apoint P onthe curvey: tr2*3r_ lis suchthat the tangentlateP is - paralleto the liAe 7r* 5.Find they-coordinaof theointP. O 9 @ 10 @ B o b 7 @ Pag3 of Code: 4337 INDICATE YOUR ANSWERS ONI THE FRO}{T PAGE. Penalty for not doing so is minus 10 marks! 6.If f(t)- arct&n r,then f "(3): tJ 25 J O -50 .) @ 40 _225 -n1 -2,A:1. 7.If a3+ry+3r2 _15,find the valueof ar utthepoint wherer -;3 .f -='2 _1 @ r) @ T2 5 _13r) Pco/. af lL Code: 4337 I}{DICATE YOUR ANSWERS ON THE FRONT PAGE. Penalty for not doing so isminus 10 marks! -1215 - at r- 8.The function f(r) 5r3 *2has a localaximum
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