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Dan Dolderman

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ICode 9146DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICSUniversity of TorontoMAT 135YTerm Test ff2Thursday December 3 2009Time allowed t hour 45 minutesANSWER BOXPLEASE PRINT in INK oT BALLPOINT PEN1ONAME OF STUDENT2Please PRINT full nameand UNDERLINE 3surname4 STUDENT NUMBER5OSIGNATURE OF STUDENT6in INK or BALLPOINT PEN7TUTORIAL CODE eg M4A RbD etc8OTUTORIAT TIME rS T4 F3 R6 etceoNAME OF YOUR TA101112ONOTE131 you Before start check that this test pageshas 14O14 There are NO pagesblank 152 This test consists 20 of multiplechoice questions16your rndicate answer to question each by completely17Ofilling in the appropriate circle in the ANSWER Box18Oon this front pege Use a sharp pencil dark leo3 No aids allowed No calculators20Page L of L4Code 9146NAME of STUDENTPLEASE READ CAREFULLYEach of the following 20 multiplechoice questions has eactly one correct answer Indicate your answerquestion to each by completely filling in the appropriate circle in the ANSWER BOX on thepage front Use a pencilsharp dark MARKING SCHEME 5 marks for a correct answer 0 for no answer or a wrong answer or indicatingmore than one partial ansver No credit You justifu are not required to yoo rrrir Note that only thiyou circles that darken will count Your answers indicated elsewhere your and computations will NOT countIf there is any discrepancy your between answers on page the front and thL answers you indicate on the insidepages you the circles darken on the front page will be your regarded as final uuirADVICE you Once have question done a you shouid indicate your answer on page the front immediatelyDont wait until the end of the test to transfer your answers to pagethe front 1 Find the value ofeer2lim r01 cos4roundefined ioi2 Find the value of 13 2r 3tlrmcoo5f4f3oundefined 1oooxPage 2 of 14
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