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Dan Dolderman

Code 9820DEPAHIMENT MATHEMATICSOF University of TorontoMAT 135YTermTest 2Thursday Decembet 2OOG7 Time allowed 1 hour 45 minutesPLEASE PRINT in INK oT BALLPOINT PENANSWER BOXNAME OF STUDENTPlease PRINT full name1 and UNDERLINE surname2 O 3 OSTUDENT NO4 O5 OSIGNATURE OF STUDENT6 in INK or BALLPOINT PEN7 O8 TUTORIAL S CODE M4A R5D etce 10 TUTORIAL TIME eg T4 R6 F3 etc11 ONAME OF YOUR TA12 O13 ONOTEt4 o 15 1 Before you paeesstart check that this test has 14 16 There NO pagesare blank 77 2 This test consists 20 of multiplechoice questions18 OIndicate your answer question to each by completelyle filling the in appropriatecircle in the ANSWER BOX20 on this page front Use a sharp pencildark No 3 aids allowed No calculatorsAT THE END THE OF TESTTHE EAMSUPERVISORWILL COLLECT FROM YOUONLY THISFRONT PAGETHE REST OF THIS EXAM BOOKLET YOU TAKE CAN HOMEPage 1 of L4Code 9820PLEASE READ CAREFULLYEach of following the 20 multiplechoice questions has exactly one correct answer Indicateyour answer to question each completely by filling in the appropriate circle in theANSWER BOX on page the front IJse a sharp pencildark MARKING SCHEME 5 marks for a correct answer for no 0 answer a wrong answer or anunclear answer indicating or more than justify one answer You not are required to your answersADVICE you Once have question done a you should indicate your answer pageon the front immediately Dont wait till the end of the test to your transfer answers from pages the inside tofront pagethe WARNING Your computations and answeffi indicated pages on these inside witl NOT countthe Only final answers indicated in the ANSWER BOX on the page front will countyou If have question done a correctly but have indicated a wrong answer on page the front dueto carelessness or you whatever reason get wili a zero for questionthat tT1 Find the value of limL2rrOe2 0undefinedI1oe1esin2r2Find the valuef gb3rI4n25r3oundefined o1oPage 2 of L4
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