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Code 7938DEPARTMENT MATHEMATICSOF IJniversitv of TorontoMLT 135YTermTest SL2OOgWednesday November 4 Time allowed 90 minutesPlease PRINT in INK or BALLPOINT PENPlease PRINT name and full surnameUNDERLINE NAME OF STUDENTSTUDENT NOSIGNATURE OF STUDENTin INK or BALLPOINT PENTUTORIAL ue CODE M4A etcRsD e TUTORIAL TIME T4 F3 R5 etcNAME OF YOUR TANOTEFOR MARKERS ONLYyou 1 Before start check that this testMARKQUESTIONpages has 12 There pagesare NO blank 2 partsThis test has two PART A150PART questionsA marks 10 multiple choice 50 B1PART questionsl6B marks 7 written 50 Answers to both PART A and PAITT B areB2l6given to be in this booklet No computercards will be usedB3l8No 3 aids allowedB4No calculatorsl6B5l7DO NOT TEAR OIJT ANY PAGESB6l7RB7TOTALl10aPage I of 127938Code PART A marks50 Please carefullvread questions which has exactly one correct answereach of of 10 multiplechoice PART A consists appropriate circle withyour question fflling in the to each by completely Indicate answer pencila dark You arefor no answer or a wrong answer marks for a correct answer 0 MARKING SCHEME 5 justify your anyour that for PART A only final in PART A Note to answers not required your as you computations and answersdarken countl indicated by the circles swers will countelsewhere NOT indicated OUT ANY PAGESDO NOT TEAR 122r15limvalue of 1 the Find 5r6r312 o10o1r17rlimthe value of Find 2Aa 4 rundefined141a1614Page 2 72of
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