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Simon Fraser MATH 152 Spring 2006 Midterm 2

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1 Simon Fraser University Department of Mathematics Burnaby Campus MATH 152-3, Calculus II Spring th06 – Midterm 2 March 8 , 2006, 8:30 – 9:20 Last Name (please print): _________________________________________ First Name (please print): _________________________________________ SFU email ID: _________________________________________ Instructor: P. Menz Instructions: 1. DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOKLET UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO. 2. Fill in the above box. 3. This exam contains 7 pages with a total of 4 questions. Once the exam begins please check to make sure your exam is Do not write in this table! complete. 4. SHOW ALL YOUR WORK! Question Marks 5. If you run out of space in a problem, use the space on the back of the previous page 1 a),b) /6 and clearly indicate where the solution continues. 1 c),d) /6 6. Only scientific, non-programmable 1 e),f) /6 calculators with no differentiation and integration capabilities are allowed. 2 /4 7. No book, paper, or device, other than the usual writing instruments, this booklet and 3 /4 an acceptable calculator, shall be within reach of a student during the examination. 4 /4 8. During the examination, speaking to, communicating with, or deliberately Total /30 exposing written papers to the view of other examinees is forbidden. 2 1. Compute the following indefinite integral
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