MGY377H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Metabolic Pathway, Cytochrome, Actinomyces

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Bacterial growth: an increase in the number of cells, every cell has a lifespan, species must replenish itself by growth. Fighting disease: during growth cycle, all cellular constituents increase in number, partitioning of replicated dna depends on its association with membranes. Stress and environment e. g. e. coli replicates every 20 min in rich: time required for growth cycle varies greatly. Nutritional conditions medium in vitro, only about once every 24 h in the gut (have competition) Get into human cell, can replicate rapidly in human cell cytosol. Bacterial cell division: many proteins involved in cell division, fts =filamentous temperature sensitive. Describes mutants lacking these genes division apparatus called the divisome. Ftsz: key protein in this group *scaffold that start process (with membrane, around divisome proteins) Structural homology to tubulin found in eukaryotic cells (tubulin makes microtubules, essential for cell division) a gtpase, forms polymers. Forms a membrane-associated ring structure at bacterial midcell during division (ftsz-ring)

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