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Important for how cell organizes cell, both eukaryotic and prokaryotic. Lipid bilayer highly impermeable to anything big, glucose, anything bigger than glucose, proteins are synthesized inside cell. Proteins must leave cell like cholera toxin, a protein, All require energy which are from different sources. Chaperone proteins most: bind to cargo proteins do not let fold up into globular shape, keep into secretion competent linear shape. Homologues apparatus that pumps proteins out of cell have phage tail and have homology to. Flagella also look like type 3 secretion systems evolved for one purpose, then adopted for another purpose in evolution. Protein to be secreted carries some sort of targeting signal: that the secretion system will recognize, n-terminal sequence. Sec system allows for proteins to be secreted across cytoplasmic membrane. Different pathways for proteins that go across and proteins that into membrane. For a protein to cross membrane, occurs post-translation protein almost completely syntehsized.

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