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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Johanna Rommens

January 232012 yIn table and indicate below table that I interpreted this asSequencing labAPIbiochemical testsway to identify unknown Another way to identify by 16S rRNA sequencing Both have advantages and disadvantages Fairly reliable long sequence99 matcho Match between sequence of interest and database sequence If top five are 99 percentcan be sure that the top one is the identitySame genusare the primers able to distinguish the species How much confidence do you have in what you gotA lot of Ns double or triple peaksso unclear Mixed sampleHow reliable is the APIFor that organism which method works bestMaybe use complete 16S sequence or entire genome or another gene 8FPLforward primero 800 base pair sequence interested ino If sequences really closecannot use those primers to distinguish those organisms FOR THE REST OF THE LAB INTERPRETATIONa lot of Maximize how much you get out of your data Plaque assay Within two hours cultures did clearlys
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