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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
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William Navarre

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10 Bacterial metabolism Chemolithotrophsgrow using carbon dioxide as sole carbon source with ATP as energy and reducing powero Obtain energy from oxidation of inorganic compoundso Using electron transport chaino Most are autotrophic obtain carbon from carbon dioxideo Reducing power from inorganic compounds and reverse electron flow Inorganic electron donors Oxidation of these inorganic compounds by oxygen can generate sufficient energy for ATP synthesis H2 oxidizing bacteria H2 is common product of bacterial metabolism Includes aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and archaeaReduction potential is 041 Hydrogenases mediate oxidation of H2 o Membranebound enzymes passes electrons to ETC o Soluble form in cytoplasm directly reduces NADSulfur oxidizing bacteria Oxidize many sulphur compoundsfinal product is H and sulphuric acid Ch
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