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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

MGY377October 5 2011 EX200 midterm35 multiple choicesame time as lecture Friday 35pmby appointment only BACTERIAL CELL CYCLE AND GROWTHColonies get bigger and biggercan overrun each other get smear Every cell has lifespano Finite lifespan Microbes used to make food protect food from microbesBiotechnology usesFighting disease Bacterial growthCertain species have maximum growth rate cannot be exceeded despite optimal conditionsNutrients Stress o E Coliideal conditions bacteria can double every twenty minutes o But in real world grow slower bc competing for nutrients with microflora Binary fissionsymmetricSimultaneous eventTwo daughter cells pinched off Growth importantAntibiotics used to treat clinical diseasedoesnt kill bacteria just stop growth and allow immune system to clear Tuberculosisgrow slowlydormancyo 6 months treatment When growing bacteria release certain components Thats what our cells detectBinary fission One generation Bacterial cell division Fts proteins form divisome ftsZhighly conserved and distributed in prokaryoteso also structurally similar to tubulin in human cells o microtubules important for cell shape transport cell divisionmicrotubules formed by tubulino similar to bacteria FtsZ ring disappears when cell divides
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