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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

19 Microbial genome projectsSeveral metagenomes bacterial genomes and archaeal genome projects ongoing Basic observations of genomes Bacterial genomes differ in size and complexityo Bacteria genomes rarely above ten million in base pairso Accessory plasmids circular small pieces of DNAo Smallest eukaryotic genome bigger than bacterialo Viral genomes can be larger than bacterial genomeo Most bacterial genomes do not have junk DNAare streamlined Do more with less Percentage of open reading frames by function as compared to genome size o Smaller genomes dont spend a lot of real estate on signal transduction or gene regulationo Small genomes encode more on the basicso As genomes get larger they tend to be disproportionately acquire more regulatory mechanismslike signal transduction and transcription factors Trends between gene content and genome sizeo Smaller genomes and bacteria cannot digest exotic metabolit
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